LEA Contact Request Form

Please use this form if you are the Superintendent, Principal Contact Person (PCP) or Alternate Contact Person (ACP) and did not receive the account creation email when the submission system opened in February. A feature of the CRDC data submission tool is the ability to add new users to the online tool and grant specific personnel permissions to view or edit data. LEA Administrators can add new users, enter and review data for schools and the district, and access reports. Every LEA Admin always has full Read, Write, and Admin permissions for their LEA and all schools within it. The instructions for adding a new user can be found here: https://crdc.grads360.org/#communities/pdc/documents/17704.

If you are not currently listed as an the LEA Administrators or are replacing a current administrator, please contact the Partner Support Center:

(8am-6pm ET)

Version: rc3.4.1 - Pilot